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    Level 85....Now what to do.


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    Level 85....Now what to do. Empty Level 85....Now what to do.

    Post by Clammy Thu May 26, 2011 7:31 pm

    You reached level 85, and now are lost for what to do to gear yourself up? There are several things you can do now.
    1. Gather reputation for factions of Cataclysm, get their tabards to get rep in level 85 dungeons. Each faction has good gear/enchantments to put on the gear once you reach a certain status with them.
    2. Do dungeons, to gather Justice Points and a bit of extra gear
    3. Heroic dungeons, to gather Valor Points, so you get enough to do
    4. Hour of the Twilight dungeons as soon as you can get in them for even better gear.
    5. Ask crafters to create gear for you. (Help the guild out for materials if you can, so we can give it all as free as possible) Also check forums if we have gear for you in the officer bank.
    6. Ask jewelcrafters and enchanters to help you out with gems and enchants (once more, if you help out the guild by providing materials for it, it will be easier/cheaper)

    Check sites for what is your best rotation and N-tree. If you do not know what stats you should put on your gear, feel free to ask, or look it up on sites.

    If you did all of this, you should be ready for raiding. Now, ask a promotion to avenger so you get invited to the harder raids. If you perform well there, you will as soon as possible be promoted to a core team.

    Have fun getting ready!

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