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    The end of the world


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    The end of the world Empty The end of the world

    Post by Termia Sat Mar 10, 2012 7:06 am

    The human paladin did a last check. Did everyone have the right magicspells? Did the tree finally realise that cheese doesn't grow from trees? Were the hunters ready grooming their pets?

    After the final check the group went to Wyrmrest Temple, the place Deathwing would fall. They had received information that he had a few subordinates to prevent everyone from coming near. Once they arrived at the temple they discpovered it was broken down, and under heavy siege of the forces Deathwing had gathered.

    "Okay everyone, this is the moment. Here, we defeat Deathwing and save Azeroth!" The paladin shouted to the nine people that followed her. After the shout the paladin rushed in, taunting a group of monsters. The bear that would help her taunted a few from the group, so the damage would be split. The priest started saying prayers, while the tree and shaman gathered natures healing to aid the group. Limbs reborn, nails grew wildly and the group cheered when the group was down. They cleared a few other groups of monsters before they saw him.

    While looking above their heads, Deathwing flew over.
    "Wow, I thought he was smaller" the tree said, "Guess I was wrong there."
    "We have to fight that? My pet will never get there!" One of the hunters shouted. The paladin tried to reassure them.
    "There are two gunships at wyrmrest, see? We will board one of those to be able to reach Deathwing."

    A murmur went through the group, but they continued on. When they neared Wyrmrest Temple, they saw a giant throwing rocks.

    "We will have to dispose of him fast." The paladin said. "We can not afford to lose any time. The dragon aspects will need all the aid they can get... And so does Thrall." The name came out with great distaste, as the paladin was used to hate orcs. Thrall however seemed to fight on their side, so he deserved... respect.

    While the whole group came together the paladin quickly ran through some tactics. Once everyone knew what to do, she charged in, with the bear running a bit ahead of her to take the first blow. The rest of the group followed shortly after.

    "RAAAARGH," the warrior said, "I will slice you, even if you are a rock." The warrior was spinning so wildly that the paladin was glad she was a bit away from him. The fight was going in their favor, something the giant noticed.

    "You shall not pass!" The giant said, before causing an earthquake. The group was stunned that the giant did that, but soon they saw the black fire leaking out of it.

    "RUN!!!" The paladin yelled. "That earthquake made some rocks appear, hide behind them! Make sure you do not hit this black contraption."

    The group started running, all searching a good hiding place. When the giant noticed his fire didn't hit any of them, he stopped the attack and rushed after the paladin, the one that made sure they all escaped. So, the fight continued on.

    "Guys, we are hero's, we can do this!" The shaman yelled out between his healing. The whole group felt the pride fill them and it seemed like they grew. Their attacks where steadier now, the healers felt like they could heal more and the tanks started roaring, making the giant confused. After a short while the giant toppled over, being defeated by the hero's.

    The paladin stepped to the body and began searching it. Sure enough, a few armor pieces were hidden in his body. She plucked them out, while the priest said a prayer for the departed souls. After the loot was given to the members, they continued on towards the temple.

    "Hero's, that was the first of three generals. While those other two generals remain we can't fly you to the top of Wyrmrest Temple, as the monsters might attack the dragons that are flying up. We asked a few of the dragons and they agreed to take you to the generals, at risk of their own lifes. Quickly now!" One of the temple workers said. The group sighed, but got to the nearest dragon, ready to defend Wyrmrest temple in it's hour of need.

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    The end of the world Empty Re: The end of the world

    Post by Clammy Tue Mar 20, 2012 9:34 am

    They got to wyrmrest temple, everyone there was screaming..."left is a huge monster attacking us" "right is a monster attacking us"
    What side to pick?
    Randomly the team went to the right dragons that were waiting to transport the heroes.

    They flew a short while, then the dragonw dropped them one by one in a huge hole! The mage no longer wondered if she would have to use the parachute given to her....

    Landing softly they were in a huge hole with some kind of blobbish creatures. In the middle was a huge beast. The paladin looked thoughtfull. "He has not yet seen us...lets kill the blobs, I do not want to take the risk they are with him. STACK SPREAD NUKE!!!"

    The mage was confused out of her wits by this order and just started to nuke so as to at least follow up one order.
    Good there were amazing healers in the team, they kept everyone alive...if by just a hair.

    All thorouhly scorched and full of scratches they finally cleared out the room. Only the boss was busy in the middle, luckily in a kind of trance so he did not yet see them.


    FINALLY an order the mage DID understand!!! She started to warm up her spells, and just as she wanted to really get to action, the paladin yelled on top of her lungs "THE PURPLE BLOB, KILL IT"
    Purple blob? But we just killed it!!! She looked around, why could things not be simple for once? And there she saw it, 3 HUGE blobs coming her way! One of them actually was purple. So she started killing that. Sadly her spells had cooled down again, so she had to heat it up again. Then the pain came in. They killed the purple ok, but the other 2 managed through. One ate all her mana, the other one called adds to the boss's side.
    She now was a mage without mana, what use could she possibly have now Sad
    "kill the mana void" the paladin told her, pointing at a huge purplish circle.
    "SO YOU HAVE MY MANA, FILTHY FIEND? GIVE IT BACK RIGHT NOW" she hit it with her staff, and hit it and hit it. But the thing did not seem to want to budge. Luckily the warrior could stick a sharp sword in it, and the hunters shot their arrows in it and suddenly BOOM it splashed all open, releasing the mana.

    By that time there were again blobs all over the place, and the fight continued. Faster and faster the mage shot, and she saw her companions do the same, untill suddenly, the creature toppled down...right on her!!!

    She could only half jump away, getting her legs stuck under him, and again thanked the healers for fixing her broken legs after the warrior freed her up.
    Now how to get out of...oh wait, a convenient portal appeared at the side...why did they not use that before instead of that horrible flight where they were thrown off of dragons???

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