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    Twilight Justice introduction


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    Twilight Justice introduction Empty Twilight Justice introduction

    Post by Clammy Fri Sep 24, 2010 9:07 pm

    Twilight Justice is a level 25 raiding guild with a strong social side. We will help out our members where we can, though we do not allow begging of any kind.

    We have a core team, with a progress of 3/8 HC in DS atm. This team is still looking for an mdps, and replacements for people if they get sick or otherwise engaged. So guildies: sign up with Termia if you want to hardcore raid!

    Everyone else can participate or not on raids they get invited to, as they please. Once accepted for a raid, we expect people to show up.

    Loot for the teams is divided like this:
    Of course if someone has to get on an alt by order of the raidleader, the alt is considered a main.

    Sometimes we have guildmeetings for fun or small roleplaying events.
    What we do not want in roleplay is: erpg, hardcore roleplay (like not being able to talk rl in guildchat cause people then freak out that its ooc). Otherwise, go for it Very Happy

    We have teamspeak, and also use it for people not playing WoW but another game for a bit, to keep in touch.
    We have 7 GB tabs and an officer bank.

    We want people with a good attitude, that do not leave a raid after one wipe, that do not point fingers at someone because (s)he did something wrong, and do not curse/spam in guildchat or elsewhere.

    We have a flat ranking system. Only officers and the GM are a rank a bit above the rest to organise and keep order. The rest of our ranks is divided into the playing style roles (pve, hardcore pve, pvp, social and aka ranks)

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