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    Curse Client for Dummies


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    Curse Client for Dummies Empty Curse Client for Dummies

    Post by Eury Wed Sep 28, 2011 9:08 am


    to avoid having a giant guild chat spam on how to download and install the curse client I decided to make this small guide to help find the buttons.

    First go to the right web address:

    Curse Client for Dummies Webaddy

    On the homepage, click on the "client" button to go to the appropriate webpage for downloading the client.

    Curse Client for Dummies Homepage

    On the next page that opens, select the appropriate version for your operating system (for 99% this will be MS Windows).

    Curse Client for Dummies Downloadpage

    Once the file has downloaded, run it:
    Curse Client for Dummies Runprompt
    Just follow along the installation by clicking "OK" like you probably do with any other program.

    Once the program is launched the first time you probably get a login screen like this:

    Curse Client for Dummies Signinprompt

    When you don't have a curse account yet, sign up by clicking the little blue link that says "Sign Up".
    A screen will pop-up:

    Curse Client for Dummies Signupprompt

    Just follow along the 3 steps to create your account and login to the client.

    You will see the client (without any addons added of course):

    Curse Client for Dummies Curseclient

    To add Addons click the green button on the left "Get more addons".
    A list will appear of all available addons. To add one, click the "Download" button behind it. Once an addon is downloaded the button changes text to "Install". Click button again!

    Since the list is huge it sometimes helps to ask ingame which addon to look for. Just type in part of the name into the search box to look for it.

    This concludes the Curse Client for Dummies guide, I hope the pictures helped!

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    Curse Client for Dummies Empty Re: Curse Client for Dummies

    Post by Termia Wed Sep 28, 2011 10:19 am

    good guide Smile

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