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    Post by Clammy Sun Oct 03, 2010 6:35 am

    This forum is created as a forum for guildmembers of guilds that cooperate on raids.

    If you found your way here as a guildleader, this means you might have an interest in working together, either to keep your guild alive (and people from running off because they are not able to do raids), or you just want to keep your guild small and do not wish to pug everyone all the time. If so, feel free to give your people this adress. And let them sign up for mutual raids, so we can try putting people into nice teams.

    This is also a good place for people that are not in dedicated teams from guilds (yet) and are still waiting for their turn, but want to get some raiding experience as well.

    Also this forum is ment to meet and greet the other guildmembers, to enjoy chatting, to get to know each other in a different way then just raiding.

    Rules for this:
    - People that are gross, abusive or annoying will be put out of teams. (maybe even out of guilds, but that will not always be up to me Wink )
    - The forums will not be used for whining about wipes or other issues. If you have issues with a guildmember from one of the guilds, talk about it with the guildleader of that guild in-game, not here.
    - If you sign up for anything, we expect you to come. Do not let people wait needlessly!
    - Have a very good time, enjoy!

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